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a Happiness Ethic
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Culture Magic
Explaining Community via Graphics
Creating our own happiness ethic through processes of setting norms and social contracts within a community is essentially the process of collective behavioral engineering resulting in forms of intentional community, defined as people practicing common agreement and collective action. This "intentioneering" of aspects of culture into various intentional communities with different values from the larger, outside world in aggregate creates a "parallel culture," separate from the dominant culture. Much as each nuclear family creates its own unique nature, so also does each intentional community.

The links on this page are to PDF documents presenting the range of concepts involved in intentioneering lifestyles of our choice, and the more specific processes that have been found to support and nurture ethics of happiness in intentional community.

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Intentioneering a Happiness Ethic
Light and Shadows Interpersonal and Group Process in the Sharing Lifestyle